Books to introduce your older child to a new baby

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There are two types of literary propaganda I am quite fond of this year:
  1. What I like to call the "You're too big for diapers, so just potty train already!" books, and...
  2. The "Hey! You're getting a new sibling and it's gonna be awesome" category of books.
In my efforts to convince Nate that having a new sibling is a good thing, (Yeah right. If my husband came home with someone cuter and younger, I'd be pretty pissed too!) I have enlisted the help of the following two books.

The New Baby by Mercer Meyer
Mercer Meyer just gets kids. He puts their everyday situations into terms they can understand. This book follows Meyer's beloved Little Critter as he adapts to a new baby sister. Sometimes her diaper smells funny, and he can't really play with her the way he wants just yet, but over the course of the story he learns lots of fun and gentle ways he can interact with the new addition to his family.

Hello Baby! by Lizzy Rockwell
This book is slightly advanced for Nate's comprehension at age two, but I still really love to read it to him. It's a very biological and realistic look at what to expect when Mummy's expecting, wrapped up in a nice story. The big brother to be knows his mother is having a baby. He knows to feel for the kicks, he goes to the doctor to listen to the baby's heartbeat, and once baby arrives he learns to give her a sponge bath with Daddy. Good tips for introducing a new baby into your home. We already took Nate to my first OB appointment to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, and it was this book that gave us this idea and prepared Nate for what was going to happen.

What books did you read to your older children to introduce the concept of a new sibling?

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