Disney's champagne for kids?

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When I was a little girl, my Mom said that we weren't allowed to have candy cigarettes. According to her, and I agree, they glamorized smoking to young children.

Some are saying that Disney is glamorizing another vice to children, though this one is a bit different. Next time your family is having a party, don't forget to stop at the store to get some Disney Partyfizz, a mock champagne drink for children.

That's right, from the bottle with the gold foil down to the bubbles, Partyfizz seems to be a bit too close to the real thing for some. If you're confused as to why you haven't heard of it, I am pretty sure that the product isn't available in the United States.

According to one little girl in the article linked, "It reminds me of champagne. The bottle shape and the colour of the juice are the same. I've seen mummy and daddy drink champagne at parties."

This article brings up many different questions. Should children have drinks such as mock champagne? Should parents drink in front of their kids? When should children be exposed to alcohol?

My parents never hid drinking from me (not that they were ever huge drinkers to begin with) and I most definitely wasn't the type to hit the bottle. Then again, I never even smoked one cigarette, so maybe that has to do with parental influence as well?

Personally, I don't feel comfortable letting my children have mock champagne or mock alcohol at any age. A sip of a parent's wine every once in awhile, sure. But an entire beverage where the point is to pretend to be "grown up?"

I'll pass.

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