Our tears go out to Tertia of So Close

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Many of our readers read Tertia Albertyn's blog So Close. Tertia's raw and honest writing about her struggles with infertility, her miscarriages, the babies Ben and Luke whom she has lost, and then the joyous birth of her twins, Adam and Kate, has symbolized the journeys of a tremendous number of women and families. Included in this number is our own Niki Alvey, who has suffered her own loss, and wrote to us about Tertia. I had been reading So Close, and immediately empathized. Blogging Baby is Niki's brain child. She conceptualized it and wrote for it before the birth of her second son, when she hung up her writing cap and devoted herself to her children fulltime.

Tertia wrote recently of her surprise discovery that she was pregnant without any assistance. She got pregnant the old-fashioned way. She was tremulously hopeful about the pregnancy at the same time she was realistic about her history.

Unfortunately, she discovered very early that her pregnancy wasn't viable-- is there a good way to write that? I struggled with so many different ways of phrasing that and they all suck-- and had to have a D & C scheduled. Her grief was palpable. But it wasn't a grief she endured alone. So many of us who have been following Tertia's story, and who have suffered our own losses grieved with her. We were with her in spirit, and our hearts go out to her and her husband Marko.

I talked to Tertia before writing this piece, briefly via instant message. I just wanted to make sure it was okay with her before writing about this here. She assured me it was. Tertia and Marko, we are very very sorry for your loss.


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