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My pulse started racing somewhere over Saskatchewan, I think. My 6:20 AM flight had been canceled at the last possible second by a mind-numbingly infuriating Air Canada, and as a result I was several hours late to arrive home to see my baby. My baby, who is everyday morphing and growing and becoming a little boy -- I was aching to see him and every moment the plane buzzed along was one moment too long.

My bag was the last to come down the carousel, my cab driver had some kind of engine issue and kept pulling over the side of the highway and I wanted desperately to sprout an engine myself and careen home to the land of sweet-smelling heads and mispronounced words. He can say "Nolan" now. It sounds like "Nolo." He gives perfect kisses, pursing his rosebud lips into an "o", planting drooly treasures on willing recipients.

"We're in the park down the street," my friend Mel sent me a text,"Meet us here."

I flew into the house, abandoned my suitcase and my laptop by the front door, not bothering to lock it behind me as I sprinted down the street in my boots and jeans. I could see his bright blonde head, shooting a big yellow ball with a soccer stick in the field and pumping his hand in the air in victory. Mel saw me first.

"Nolan!" she said," It's your Mom!"

And I squatted down and opened my arms and waited for him to come running. And I was flummoxed by what happened next.

Nolan threw down his hockey stick and looked at me, wide-eyed, as his ball dribbled away from him. Then he looked hesitantly at Mel, sat himself down on the grass, and started to cry. He made no move toward me, in fact, I could see his lip tremble as he looked away from me.

"He's mad!" Mel said.
"Or sad?" my heart crumbled a little as I eked my way toward him. He sulked for awhile, inching away from me until he couldn't handle it anymore and threw his arms around my legs and started to cry in earnest.

I think I broke his heart a little. I wondered if he wondered where I was. I don't ever want to leave him again.

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