How do they do it?

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Sometimes, I look at other parents and wonder how they do it. How do they stay sane, how do they play, how do they work?

I currently work from home with two small children (one and two) underfoot. I constantly feel like my life is one big tug-of-war and, I have to admit, most of the tugging is coming from inside. I need to work more, no, I need to play with the kids more. Wait! The dishes! I need to do the dishes and the laundry and call that friend back and while I'm at it, let's get some "me time" and "couples time" in there as well.

As much as I want to make and stick to a schedule, the thought seems so daunting that I continually pass. All it takes is one phone call from a friend or a nap that goes longer than suspected and I find myself scrambling to make up.

One time, I made a schedule for my children. It lasted about three days, with me running around like the Mommy Dictator, shouting things such as "Now it is time to read books! Okay all done! Outside! Get outside! No, we can't do that right now, it is OUTSIDE TIME!"

Part of me wonders if having a schedule (and sticking to it) when it comes to children is pre-wired in you.There are those people who are good at having clean houses and doing things on time. Then there are those who are probably a little more "fly by the seat of your pants" that have no set schedule or routines.

While I'm in the second group, I really wish I was in the first.

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