Why is teenage discrimination still allowed?

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I stopped to get gas and windshield washer fluid this morning at a 7-11 I don't normally stop at. It's across the street from a Senior High School in a quiet, suburban part of town.

As I opened the glass door I noticed a neon sign posted under the "We Do Not Sell Cigarettes to Minors" declaration. It was typed, in boldface, on a plain piece of paper: "Only 4 Students at a Time."

Now, these signs are really nothing new. I remember a similar sign at the convenience store by my own high school, and feeling outraged by it at the time. Now, though, my rage has mostly diminished to mostly benign observation, and I can usually see two perspectives. Students, in large groups, are perhaps more likely to steal than the general population -- store owners can't watch them if they're on hoards. And wouldn't it be tough to be a small business owner in this city?

But then I thought, you know, what if the sign said "Only Two Senior Citizens at a Time" or "Only 1 Sudanese family at Once." Wouldn't that be outraged, front page news? The store owner would almost certainly be slammed as racist and discriminatory.

So why do corner stores continue to get away with this? Have you seen this in your town?

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