Painful sex after giving birth?

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Ask a group of first-time mothers who are nearing the end stretch of pregnancy and you'll have at least a couple who will say "I don't know how a baby is expected to come out down there!" While I believe it is very important to realize that your body is created the way nature (and, in my case, God) intended, the logistics seem a little iffy if you don't have any previous experience.

Once my children were born, I couldn't help but be absolutely scared to eventually get back to doing the deed. I had more than one person warn me about the first post-birth poop, but nobody wanted to talk about the first post-birth sexual experience.

I'm not going to lie. It hurt. Not only did it hurt, but breastfeeding tends to play my libido like a fiddle, so the entire scenario was less than ideal.

According to one study, it turns out that I'm not alone. Many women, especially those that had forceps-assisted births, had painful sex, urinary incontinence or decreased libido.

Fourteen months after the birth of my last child, I'm still waiting to get back to normal. I had about eight months of exclusive breastfeeding and we're still in the long process of weaning. Even though we're down to one or two breastfeeds a day, my body (and the hormones) is still trying to stay in "No Libido Mode."

With sex everywhere in our society, I often feel alone in my struggles. Is it normal still to have these issues this long after birth? Or is everyone else jumping back in the sack the night they come home from the hospital?

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