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Even in a household like mine -- where my daughter is only around afternoons and weekends -- it's hard for my girlfriend and I to find a free evening to spend together. Plus, even when we do have time, nights out can be expensive (honestly, I'm not sure how single people can afford to date so often).

To tackle the problem, we've talked about starting a "date night," something many of you may already do to keep your relationship fresh. But is there a way to spend grown-up with your partner or spouse without breaking the bank?

Short answer: yes.

The blog Zen Habits has listen a number of "Cheap But Great" date ideas for those looking to find some romance without breaking the bank. Along with more obvious suggestions like walking on a beach, and a home-cooked meal with candles, there's some interesting alternatives -- like watching meteors, or visiting a museum.

Now you just need to find a cheap babysitter, and you'll be good to go.

[via Lifehacker]

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