Do you "heart ground?"

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Sometimes, it is easy to feel like you never have anything in common with the other parents on the playground. Many people I have tried to befriend have ultimately left me scratching my head, wondering how it is so freaking impossible to make friends that happen to be parents.

I've recently become a fan of watching music videos on with my young daughter. I'll give the people at Noggin credit; they're really good at scouting acts for their spots. (Note to Noggin: Could you please hire me? Sounds like a pretty fun job.)

I currently am enjoying I Hog the Ground by Steve Burns and Steven Drozd. If one of those names sounds familiar, it should. Steve Burns is the Steve of "Blue's Clues" fame. But now, instead of wearing his trademark striped shirt, he's wearing an awesome shirt that says "I Heart Ground."

Now, I find myself using it as my little parent catchphrase. I made some art while at the kids museum today that said, what else, "I Heart Ground," hoping that some other fun parent came along and had a chuckle.

I'd eventually like to make a shirt just like Steve's. But, if I never get around to doing so, I can always buy one on Cafe Press.


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