Sleepover post for Friday March 30

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was in New York City last week for the BlogHer Business Conference. I had mixed emotions: guilt for leaving my toddler, determination to focus on my job, and secret elation at the prospect of visiting a new, exciting city.

It was a really fabulous conference. The sessions were engaging and thought-provoking and the women I met were whip-smart and keen. I couldn't stop drooling over Kristen's 5-week-old baby. She wore him in her sling for the entire conference and remained totally unflappable. Kristen was only one of several Mom bloggers I met at the conference who I hadn't read before. As it happens, I was missing out.

Kristen is a Mom, a writer, a maternity-tee creator, a lawyer (an ex-one, from what I can gather) and an all-around inspiration. Her most recent post focuses on some mind-bendingly frustrating laptop technical woes - and haven't we all had those? Mine turns off every half hour or so because of a faulty fan. Mommy Needs a Cocktail is definitely on my new list of reads and Kristen is just as adorable as her baby.

Jen Lemen is Kristen's sister. I started talking to her in the lobby of the hotel, as we waited for the volunteers to arrive, and there is something kind of magical about her. She has deep, beautiful eyes and, if this doesn't sound too wacky, an almost palpable kindred spirit. She gave me a homemade zine and a special card about the pursuit of dreams and I nearly cried because she touched my heart. For real. And I am loving her blog, and especially the fact that she and her family are in South Africa right now. Thank Pete for vicarious living through blogs.

Laura also really made an impact on me. I didn't have much of a chance to speak with her, but her insanely stylish shoes and obvious sense of humour made me want to check out her blog when I got home and I am so glad I did. This Mom has some talent, both for words and photography. Her recent post on the magic of New York is so true and so beautifully written that I wanted to teleport myself back there for the weekend. This time, though, I'd bring Nolan.

Happy weekend everyone.

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