The Toddler Gourmet: Veggie burgers and fries

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I'm constantly looking for healthy things to feed my kids. Part of finding healthy food is the quick and easy factor. How long will it take to cook? Can the kids feed it to themselves without much mess? Does it taste good?

I've recently learned the joys of a Gardenburger. It is hard to believe, but I really like this meatless "burger!" It tastes a bit like tater tots, which are definitely kid-friendly. It is also easy to cook up and serve to a little one with-- or without-- a bun.

Instead of french fries, I like to use sweet potato fries. You can throw them in the pan when you're almost done cooking the burger (I use grapeseed oil). The entire process takes just a few minutes and it is good to know you're not loading your children down with a plate full of cholesterol.

We also recently tried meatless "chicken" nuggets recently and, I have to say, I'll most definitely be buying more of these at the store. While my kids don't get "burgers" or "nuggets" every day, I'm happy to know these are on hand when I feel like going the easy route.

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