Blogging Baby Sleepover for Sunday, April 1, 2007

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Today is April Fool's day, a day for pranks and jokes. I'm not real big on the whole thing because too often it's done in a mean spirited way. I do like the occasional hoax, however. It seems the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax, however, is a lot more well known than I thought. No one seems to have noticed my over the top "How not to break the news post." Still, I got a kick out of them. In honor of the day, however, I thought I'd look around for some April Foolery amongst parents and kids.

First off, Clickmom's kids had some friends sleeping over, so she conspired with her younger son and his friend to pull some pranks on the older ones. Unfortunately, fate -- and a stomach bug -- conspired against her. I've dealt with the late night vomit duty and my heart goes out to her.

Next, Linda Sharp at Don't Get Me Started had a neat idea for an April Fool's prank to play on her father (don't worry, it sounds like it was well-deserved payback!). It involved her mother, a pregnant friend, and a home pregnancy test. Sounds like a good bit of fun.

Lastly, Sith Snoopy over at Darth Snoopy has just announced that her positive pregnancy test isn't an April Fool's joke. I guess her journal is going to turn into a parenting blog pretty soon. Congratulations to her, especially since we need more beagles in space.

That's about it for me, since I need to get started prepping veggies for the passover dinner tomorrow. Happy April Fool's Day!


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