The other side of abortion

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Too often, I think, abortion is portrayed solely as an act of convenience. It's seen as sort of an "Oops, I got pregnant. Guess I'll have to get an abortion again." answer to irresponsible or even immoral behaviour. Abortion is not, however, as simple an issue as "you had sex, deal with the consequences." It can come about through very different circumstances.

This article was written by a woman who had an abortion. She was the very antithesis of the stereotypical woman having an abortion. She was married, healthy, and actually trying to have a baby, with the full support of her husband. So why have an abortion? As the author writes, "Instead of 'healthy' and 'strong,' our baby was discussed in clinical terms like 'hydrocephalus' and 'spina bifida.'"

It's a very emotional tale of what can go wrong with a baby and the issues parents face in dealing with it. Even if you're 100% anti-abortion, this might just make you stop and wonder if maybe that 100% shouldn't be only 99%. As someone who is firmly pro-choice, this only strengthened my convictions.

Update: It seems MSN has removed the original story and replaced it with "Know your Fish", despite the huge number of sites linking to the original. I have contacted MSN to let them know about the problem.

Update #2: Here is an older article by the same author, telling essentially the same story.

Update #3:
It seems the original article is back.

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