Two million potential parents

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I don't know how many kids there are out there waiting to be adopted, but I can tell you there are at least two million adults waiting to adopt them, according to a new study from the Williams Institute at UCLA. The problem is, there are those who would like to see laws passed that would prevent these people from ever adopting or becoming foster parents. Why would they want to stop such an obviously good thing? Simply because the prospective parents are gays and lesbians.

According to the study [pdf], more than 65,000 adopted kids are living with a gay or lesbian parent -- that's about one in every twenty-five adopted children. Further, another 14,000 foster kids are living with gay or lesbian parents. The impact is clear -- GLB parents are a significant, positive force in the caring of future generations.

Aside from the cold, hard numbers, however, this is all about the desire for family, the need to love a child. Jared and I just finished reading a book last night that talked about "everyday magic," including the magic of family. We have some neighbors -- two men -- who have adopted a little boy. The love they have for their son is so clear, so strong, so powerful, that it makes me want to rush home and hug Jared and Sara. With this huge pool of potential parents waiting to adopt -- and, in some cases, waiting to be able to adopt, -- it is amazing that anyone would want to deny children such a loving, caring home.

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