When to start saving for your child's education?

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Nolan can't string a sentence together yet, so it seems a little premature to think about saving for his education but then I think about yesterday, when I was 21, and Holy Pete, the time goes fast -- maybe it's not too early. So I have been perusing articles on education lenders and information on how much it costs to go to University, and I have stumbled across some very interesting stuff.

Student loans are big business in the US. In fact, it's an 85 billion dollar industry, with all the competition and shady dealings of any other corporate machine.

When I googled "Cost of University Education", I was awarded with hundreds of sites with vague calculations and promises of vast expense, mostly for Universities located in the UK. This site was somewhat helpful for understanding tuition and living expenses for a college in student, but I can only assume that these amounts will skyrocket in the next decade and a half.

I guess I should start saving now after all. Do you save for your child's post secondary education? If so, how did you decide how much to tuck away?

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