Sex in class gets 5th graders arrested

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Things can't have changed that much since you were in school, right?

Unless you were having sex at school in front of your 5th grade classmates, the answer is: yes they have.

Five students -- ages 11, 12, and 13 -- were arrested yesterday after four of them had sex in front of other students -- the fifth standing by the door as a lookout for teachers.

This apparently wasn't planned -- it just happened when the kids were left alone for 15 minutes. The high school teacher that was supposed to be supervising the class left for an older students' assembly, and away they went. No one even knew about the incident until the following day, when a boy who was in the class told an older student, who in turn told a teacher.

The four who actually had sex were charged with obscenity, which is a felony, while the lookout was charged as an accessory. However, according to the local sherrif, it's too early to determine what sort of punishment the children could be facing.

How does this happen?

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