Couple fights to name daughter 'Metallica'

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As a child, I detested my name. Not just my first name or my last, but the two together. I thought the combination sounded like a good name for an apartment complex or possibly a retirement home. The Sandy Maple Retirement Community. I can picture the sign out front - a serene beach with a Maple tree swaying in the wind.

Ellie has recently decided that she doesn't like her name, either. She wants to be Angel. Every day this week, she has pouted and complained about my refusal to have it legally changed.

I wonder if Michael and Karolina Tomara will someday be having similar conversations with their little girl. The couple is currently battling with Swedish authorities over their desire to name their baby girl 'Metallica'. Although little Metallica has already been baptized, the Swedish National Tax Board has refused to register the name, claiming it is associated with the rock band and the word 'metal'. According to the baby's mother, an official also told her the name was 'ugly'.

Karolina Tomara says the name suits her daughter because she is "decisive and she knows what she wants."

Choosing a name for a child is usually the first big decision parents must make. Some handle this better than others. While I personally don't like the name the couple has chosen for their daughter, I feel they have the right to screw up the naming of their child just like my parents did. Rock on, little Metallica.


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