Boy stows away on 2 flights, steals car, avoids prosecution

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When I was 9, my parents' biggest worry was the 100-yard walk I made by myself from the school bus to after-school daycare. Lucky for them, I didn't have the nerve to steal cars, run from police, and lie my way onto airplanes.

Not only did this Washington boy steal a car, lead police on a high-speed chase (which resulting in the wrecking of that car), talk his way onto two separate Southwest Airlines flights, but then -- after he'd been arrested -- violated his parole and told his story to the country on the "Dr. Phil" show.

Now, because he's 9-years-old, the boy might avoid prosecution and have his record wiped clean. His lawyer is currently in discussions with prosecutors to try and avoid trial by entering the boy in a diversion program.

According to his mother, the kid just didn't like living in their Tacoma suburb, so he ran away back to Texas.

Sounds like this kid is a secret agent in the making.


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