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It seems like we have quite a while until Mother's Day (it's only Easter!) but time flies with a kid in the house and we will blink our eyes and suddenly we'll be 82, sitting in a nubby green chaise lounge, gazing at the world with wizened eyes, our teeth cleansing in bubbly solution beside us. So! We'd better get cracking n the Mother's Day shopping stuff, right?

Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks have put together a pretty awesome Mother's Day gift guide for Dads and Kids who want to make their Mom feel seriously extra special. Kristen and Liz have pretty spectacular taste, and many of their features products are made by small businesses and Moms, so you can feel good about your gift. They've got picks for everything from Mamas-to-Be to Grandmamas. Order early as some items will take several weeks to ship.

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