Help! I am a pack rat

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I have a very crafty friend who invited me to a scrap booking party at her home next week. I had to decline the invitation as I am nowhere near a place where I could begin to scrapbook my gigantic, unorganized collection of photos. I have several large bins crammed full of photos dating from my own childhood and am at a loss as to how to get them organized.

When Christy was growing up, I took lots of photos. From this huge collection of pictures, I created exactly one photo album of her life and the rest are in jumbled messes in boxes around the house. When Ellie was born, I vowed not to let the same thing happen to her photos. I started out great - a photo album documenting her first year, complete with captions. It was all downhill from there and now her photos are in different jumbled messes around my house.

This photo mess is an indication of a larger problem: I am overwhelmed and disorganized in general. I have closets full of clothes, games, books, fabric and papers that need to be sorted and discarded or donated. However, recognizing the problem and solving the problem are two different things. I have let things get so far out of hand that I don't know where to begin cleaning it up.

In the grand scheme of things, this may not sound like a big problem, but for me it's causing a great deal of stress. Besides the fact that I am running out of places to put things, I have recently noticed that Ellie is becoming a bit of a collector herself. Every piece of scrap paper that she has ever touched is precious to her and she refuses to discard anything. She can't part with old, broken toys and wants to save the packaging from new ones. Her junk and my junk are now competing for space in the house.

I don't wish to pass on this life of chaotic clutter to Ellie and am trying to rectify the situation. Any tips on how to cure a pack rat?

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