Shrek III is coming (I'm so pumped!)

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The Shrek series is by far my favorite set of kids' movies. I love the characters, I love the message, and I love that I still laugh out loud every time I watch either of the first two films. (Ok, I'm not a huge fan of the violence, but I can look past that because everything else is so awesome.)

So, as you might suspect, I'm unbelievably excited for "Shrek the Third," the newest installment that's set to hit theatres this May.

For fans like me, who can't wait 'till next month to know what happens, David Germain, an Associated Press movie writer, recently a got a sneak peak of the new film, and shares his impressions on the new plot and characters in this article.

Highlights include: Antonio Banderas is coming back as Puss in Boots, Eddie Murphy is back as Donkey, Fiona is pregnant with a baby orgre, and Justin Timberlake plays Artie -- Fiona's dweeby, long-lost cousin, who is set to take the throne after King Harold (Fiona's dad) dies.

Happily ever after, indeed.

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