Maternity dresses on the cheap

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The one or two times I've commented on something pregnancy-related, I've been quickly and firmly reprimanded by seemingly every woman with an Internet connection (probably for good reason). However, while I'll never be pregnant, and won't ever have the need for maternity clothes, I thought I'd pass this information along. Just as friendly, objective suggestion from non-participating bystander. Please don't hate me.

A Budget Fashionista reader wrote in with the following question: "I've got a family wedding to go to at the end of May, only problem is I'll be 29 weeks pregnant by then. I'm really struggling on what to wear and where to find it a reasonable price."

As you might suspect, the Fashionista had some suggestions, and most look surprisingly cool. The best part is that they're all are under $100, with some priced as low as $20. Score!

Not that I would ever say you have to look cool, even that you should look cool, because obviously it's your body and your pregnancy and I could never -- etc etc.

But just sayin'. If you want to.

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