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You know, when I last wrote about all this, I might have been a little premature with the whole "we're not getting a divorce" comment. We were all set to appeal Jared's placement at a school halfway across town, when my sister-in-law, who has been watching our kids for us after school, told us that she was going to be getting a full-time job during the day and wouldn't be able to watch the kids after the end of the school year.

For me, that made the whole issue disappear. We're going to have to hire someone to watch the kids after school now, so we might as well make one of the conditions be that they can drive and pick up both kids. To me, that negates the big advantage of our local school -- proximity -- leaving the scales tipped in favor of the other school -- where at least three of his friends from preschool were going. It's not so much the kids that represent the benefit but their parents -- three sets of very active, very vocal, very pro-education parents, including one who is an elementary school teacher.

So it seemed like all the problems had disappeared. Rachel's mom would watch the kids on Tuesday and Thursday when Sara was home all day and we would get someone else to pick both kids up from school and watch them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Piece of cake, right? Wrong.

Rachel, it seems, still has an issue. She really wants the kids to go to the neighborhood school just down the street. She's been expecting that for a long time and doesn't like the idea of shipping Jared (and, later, Sara) across town when there is a perfectly good school a stone's throw away. She is also hesitant about having someone who isn't family drive our kids around. I certainly understand an initial hesitation, but I think that concern will dissipate as we get to know the person and they become more a part of our family.

So, we've filed our appeal, and sent in our request to be on the waiting list at our nearby school and we, once again, wait to see what hand fate -- and the San Francisco Unified School District -- deals us. We'll find out on May 4. Either way, I think it's going to be okay, but it kinda sucks not yet being able to tell Jared definitively where he's going to be going to school next year.

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