The mystery of the blue legs

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Doctor Google has failed me.

Normally, when I type in a random toddler ailment, I am rewarded (or perhaps punished?) with 867,000 blog posts and articles and newspaper archives about whatever topic I'm currently panicking about. Toddler won't stop coughing? 739,000 results in Google. Is lime-green snot normal? Over 31,000 returns. And what is the cause of blue legs? returns just under a million and a half web pages, but none of them are helping me. I know a lot about blue diapers now, and how jeans can turn one's legs blue -- but I have no idea what is wrong with my toddler.

Nolan was cranky at daycare today, kept waking up from his nap in a coughing fit. As a result, he was crotchety and nonsensical by 5:00 PM, hysterical and spinning like a miniature drunk. I put him in the tub early, with intentions of putting him to bed early, but when I got him out of the tub I noticed something alarming. His legs, from the knee cap down, were purple-blue.

Alarmed, I manipulated them and he got quiet. I rubbed them but no colour returned. I wrapped him in a towel and headed downstairs to stand by the fireplace. I called his Dad told him he'd better come have a look.

Ten minutes later, the colour started inching its way back to his little sausage legs. Fifteen minutes later, they were almost completely normal. I think, though, that I'm going to take him to the Doctor just to be sure. Doctor Google evidently isn't helpful when it comes to blue toddler legs.

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