ParentDish Sleepover for Friday April 12

Yesterday morning I arrived at the Vancouver airport. With Nolan occupied by my Mom, I was searching for my nondescript black luggage in a sea of hundreds of other black nondescript luggage when a very familiar baby rolled by in a luggage cart.

"I know that baby," I thought. And yet, I did not know the baby, because I had never met her. But I looked at the blonde-bobbed woman pushing the cart and suddenly realized: that's Wonder Baby. And Her Bad Mother.

Blog sightings are weird. I didn't know this lady or her baby but I knew all about their lives. So I ran over and said hello and then thought: Perhaps that was weird. But it was also kind of nice, I think. She was very friendly (especially because I think she didn't know who in Pete I was, even though she graciously nodded when I mentioned my blog.) So, if you don't know her already, HBM is worth a look.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of bloggers I love, actually, so I thought I'd profile two more Canadian bloggers I've met and adored, and now consider friends. If you don't know them, you should.

Jen of Jen and Tonic is an old skool blogger who was busy waxing hilariously and touchingly about her life before most of us knew what a blog was. She writes like she is speaking to you, girlfriend to girlfriend. She is warm and lovely and has a unique way of turning a mundane TV show into a fascinating tale. She also has fabulous skin and gives awesome hugs. Go read her recent entry about Things That Have Come Out of Her Mother's Mouth Recently, and you'll understand why I love her.

I have mentioned Karla at Untangling Knots before, but she is worth mentioning again. Karla has gone through more in the last three years than most of us carry in a lifetime, including the loss of one full-term baby and also a miscarriage. She recently gave birth to her baby boy Nate, and he is perfect and beautiful and such a lucky baby to have a Mom as soft-hearted and generous of spirit as Karla. I met and observed Karla and her husband in Toronto several months ago and was completely touched by their tangible adoration of each other. Today, Karla writes a heart wrenching and beautiful tribute to her daughter, who will always hold a place in my heart. Happy Birthday, sweet Ava.

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