10 reasons why home school could be a bad idea

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I can understand why more and more parents are considering home schooling for their children. Classrooms are overcrowded, violence in schools is on the rise, quality of education is depreciating and teachers are fed up. Cases of inappropriate teacher behavior pop up everywhere. If I weren't such an enormously impatient instructor, and therefore totally not cut out for teaching my kid, I would probably consider the notion too.

But this article provides a few good reasons why home schooling might not be for everyone. A few good points: the discipline arena might get blurred in a home schooling environment. After all, the parent is also the teacher. And a parent might not know how their child learns best, while a trained educator might have a better eye for such things.

I don't think all (or even any) of these points should be taken as gospel, but this is one of the first articles I've seen on home schooling that suggests that it might not be for everyone. And it definitely affirms my belief that my own son would be a lot more successful in the public school system, than under my impatient and fumbling tutelage.

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