Do childhood predispositions stick around?

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Nolan was about three months old the first time I realized he might have a predisposition toward hockey. He was mesmerized every time the game appeared on the television set (which: in Canada in the winter months is approximately once every 2.3 minutes). I shrugged it off a little, thinking I might be channeling my own suspicions. Nolan's Dad was a semi-professional hockey player in his youth, and his Uncle was drafted to a National Hockey League Team.

Nolan is now 20 months old and obsessed with The Hockey Sweater, hockey sticks, hockey on TV, and pictures of hockey players (Goal! he cries and pumps his fist in the air every time he sees a hockey sweater.) I have said that I will support Nolan if he wants to be an artist or a drummer or a scientist or an accordion player, but man, that baby seems to have something hockey-stained in his blood.

I asked my Mom what I loved when I was Nolan's age and she said dancing. This fact would be hilarious to anyone who has ever seen me dance (not many people since I quit trying in my early twenties) Let it be said that there was never any hope of professional dancing in my life journey.

But I'm curious whether parents of older kids have found that their children's first interests have remained consistent into their older child -- or if children are generally fickle in their interests? I am certainly excited to watch my goal-scoring toddler to find out.

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