Do you know a scrapping dad?

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When it comes to hobbies, my husband and I aren't exactly on the same page. He likes his zombie games and I like to scrapbook and make cards. When I have the time (which has become very rare) to scrap, I always ask if he wants to join in.

"Nope," he says, face buried into the computer screen. "Don't wanna."

According to some sources, maybe he has the wrong impression of scrapbooking. There's a big niche of scraping and stamping out there, with a surprising target audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to scrapbooking...for men?

According to the article linked, the direct seller Stampin' Up has recently rolled out a line of scrapbook items aimed at men. The product? Papers that looked like tractors and barn doors and stamps that resembled deer. (Note to Stampin' Up: Not all men like farm-related things. Just a hint.) Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s sister has a line of scrapbooking products for men, which include tool stickers and papers that feature images of beer.

If scrapping your child's first poop doesn't sound fun for the man in your life, he can always scrap something else....such as restoring a car or, in my husband's case, his first zombie kill online.

If your husband/partner/boyfriend feels he isn't ready to cash in his "Man Card," just remind him that both Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain did early forms of scrapbooking. Also, it is a good way to have father/daughter time or to discuss family memories with your kids.

For example, he could tell your child what his memories were of her birth day. Perhaps he could tell some funny or emotional stories about the day they first met the child they would adopt. Got a tween in that awkward stage? Pull out some photos of him as a teen and tell stories about how Grandma and Grandpa were way back when.

If you know a single guy, he doesn't have to get left out. There's a whole untapped dating market lurking in those scrapbooking stores!


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