Jon & Kate Plus 8: Life with twins AND sextuplets

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I am addicted to TLC. Mostly I watch What Not To Wear, but about a year ago, I stumbled on to "Surviving Twins and Sextuplets," the story of Kate and Jon Gosselin's remarkable family. Kate and Jon have six-year-old twin daughters and two-year-old sextuplets. You heard me: the Gosselin's have eight children under the age of seven.

Imagine the diapers.

I love this couple; they are sweet and funny and they clearly adore their kids. Kate is incredibly organized while Jon is more laid back and seat-of-the-pants. They have a good rapport, with each other and with their kids and with the camera. And my god are those kids cute.

Now Jon and Kate have their own TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. We get to follow the Gosselins as they do the normal things we all do with our kids: going to the pumpkin patch, doing home improvement projects, hiring a housekeeper. But with EIGHT KIDS. Six toddlers! I'm tired thinking about it.

As parents, we all feel overwhelmed, whether we have one child or seven or more. To see a family that should be the dictionary definition of "overwhelmed" meeting the challenges of parenthood (and of parenting multiples--MULTIPLE multiples, even!) with love and good humor is a nice change of pace. Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs on Monday nights on TLC, and Tuesdays on Discovery Health Channel. Check your local listings.

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