81 year old grandma is "original neighbour from hell"

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In the suburban neighborhood of my childhood, we kids used to take turns walking across Old Lady Hardy's glistening green grass. In retrospect, we were horrible little hellions, but at the time it was wildly funny to watch her sit in her window with her dark glasses and omnipresent tea mug, just waiting for one of us to commit a Crime Against Foliage so she could shake her cane at us and bellow hilarious Irish-accented swear words until we ran away, breathless. She should have come out and beat us. We'd have deserved it.

Well, I totally thought of that old lady when I read this article about an 81-year old grandma who was recently sentenced to jail for being the "original neighbour from hell." The elderly women tormented her next-door neighbours, Angela and Roberta Casa and their daughter, for nearly a decade.

Among her crimes: telling the Casa's 13-year old daughter that she was a witch and "would cast a spell on her family and kill her pet dog", hammering the wall dividing the two houses, exposing her bottom to Mrs. Casa and telling Mr. Casa to go back to Italy. She also drew in white chalk around Mrs. Casa's car, as the horrified woman sat inside it. I know! Can you imagine? Why am I fighting laughter? I'm sure it wouldn't be very funny if it happened to me.

I'm grateful Nolan's grandparents would never expose their bottoms to their neighbours. Wildly grateful.

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