Mom strands teen on highway after bad soccer game

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I know high school sports can be competitive, but this is ridiculous. Some Nebraska mom slapped her teenage daughter, and then stranded her by the side of the highway -- all because of a disappointing performance in a soccer game.

Fortunately, a teammate's parent saw the girl wandering along the interstate, picked her up, and had the good sense to call the cops. (The offending mom was then ticketed for neglect.)

Is this what I have to look forward to if my daughter gets into sports? The high school I attended had an academic focus, and a very relaxed attitude toward extra-curricular activities -- including sports -- but I remember the constant stress my younger sister was under during her athletic experience at a more traditional public school. Obsessive practice schedules, team politics, squabbling amongst parents -- and we're not talking about young women who were going pro. This was a small, suburban school with an athletic program that was average -- at best. I can only imagine what it's like with the possibility of college scholarships or professional careers hanging in the balance.

But seriously, what sane person gets this worked up over high school soccer?

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