Why I needed reading lessons from Nana

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I watched my Mom read to Nolan in the big green armchair she's had for so many years and I felt a pang of nostalgia for my own childhood.

I love to read, and watching her animation as she read to my son, I understood that my love was cultivated early, through my Mom's enthusiasm. She reads like she means it. She reads to him like it is glorious fun, that there are so many pockets of thrilling discovery wedged between the simple words of a child's book.

I watched as she read, fluctuating her tone of voice to coordinate with the various characters in the book. She made slurping noises like Sherman the Dog as he woke Dad up from a nap and I watched, amazed, as Nolan slurped to. She pretended to eat, like the people in the book, and Nolan happily ingested imaginary munchies, too.

I realized I'd been lacking in my reading to Nolan. I've always tried using different tones of voice, and pointing to pictures, but it never occurred to me to play hockey like the boys in the hockey sweater, or to pretend to be a choo choo train like Thomas the Tank.

We just finished reading the Hockey Sweater, for the trillionth time. This time, I hooted like the owl in the tree. I clasped my hands in prayer, asking for a million moths to eat my Toronto Maple Leafs sweater. Nolan hooted and prayed right along with me. It shed a whole new light on the book, and Nolan was delighted with himself.

I think I'll never stop learning from my Mom.

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