Swedish government to allow adorable little baby Metallica to keep her ugly name

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Remember tiny Metallica Tomaro, the seven-month old girl in Sweden who was told by that old harvester of sorrows, the big bad, heavily-taxing Swedish government that her name was "ugly"? I heard she was, like, crying all the time. And as the parent of any seven-month old knows, when your child is crying, nothing else matters. Apparently the Swedish government heard about all the crying too, so they are allowing her to keep the name.

"It feels good," Metallica's Mama said. Then she proceeded to extend both her thumb and pinky fingers and then nod her head vigorously a few times. Karolina Tomaro decided to fight fire with fire, taking her blitzkrieg of legal argument all the way to the County Court, where she secured a victory over the tax authority. Officials had vowed to appeal the decision, but acknowledged yesterday that it would drop the appeal, effectively allowing Metallica to keep her name.

To Tomaro and young Metallica, the Swedish tax authority will remain unforgiven, but together they have proven that there might be liberty, and justice for all. And now, wherever she may roam, Metallica will be known as Metallica.

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