Texas plans to execute sexual predators

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I know the state of Texas is not overly opposed to the death penalty, so this bit of news doesn't exactly surprise me. A bill is making its way through the state senate that would allow for the death penalty for those convicted of raping a child aged 13 or younger more than once. A version of the bill, called Jessica's Law, has already passed in the House.

A first conviction would carry a minimum sentence of 25 years to life with a second conviction possibly leading to the death penalty. On the one hand, I can certainly understand wanting to permanently remove such offenders from the population, but on the other hand, I also know there are a whole lot of issues with the death penalty, not the least of which is that our justice system is, at best, imperfect.

What do you all think? Would two convictions for the rape of a child be sufficient reason to end someone's life, or do even such heinous and detestable creatures deserve the right to live out their lives?

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