Mom freezes eggs so daughter can have baby

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A Canadian 7-year-old, who can't have children because of a genetic condition, may one day give birth to her half-sister by using her mother's frozen eggs.

Melanie Boivin decided to donate her eggs because her daughter has Turner's syndrome, a condition in which one of the two X chromosomes normally found in females is incomplete. While her actions have raised some ethical questions, in her eyes, she's just a mother helping her daughter in need.

And according to the reproductive center that'll be storing the eggs for the next 20 to 25 years, "It's like donating a kidney to your own child."

But is it? I suppose, technically, there's nothing strange about this. It feels a little creepy, but really, the girl is simply carrying a child for someone else -- someone that happens to be her mother. Right?

At first this looks a little out of order -- biologically speaking -- but in practice, I doubt either the girl, or her child will have a child-rearing experience any different to that of a traditionally-conceived family.

It just seems weird.

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