30-year-old woman poses as 17-year-old boy

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Here's a weird story for you. It seems a 30-year-old woman posed as a 17-year-old boy in order to meet and befriend a 14-year-old girl. The woman, who called herself "Mark" but was actually Lorelei Corpuz, told the girls family she was an orphan. She gained their trust even to the point of moving in with the family. The relationship between Corpuz and the girl grew, becoming one "a regular teenage girlfriend-boyfriend thing, like holding hands, hugging, kissing," according to the victim.

The jig was up, however, when a police officer ran a stolen vehicle check on Corpuz's car. The officer found an outstanding warrant for Corpuz and arrested her. When asked how she knew the suspect, the 14-year-old, in the car with her at the time, told the officer that Corpuz was her boyfriend. That caught the officer's attention.

Corpuz and the girl were sexually active, but, according to police officer Don de Nevens, "the suspect never let victim see her/his private parts and victim always thought that suspect was male until officer informed her otherwise." In addition to sex, Corpuz also beat the girl and bit her, leaving a scar. The girl was, as is all too often the case, too scared to tell anyone.

Aside from the "how could she not know?" response, what made me stop and wonder about this story is why the family would let the 17-year-old boyfriend of their 14-year-old daughter move in with them? I certainly understand wanting to help him, if he had indeed been an orphan with nowhere to go, but surely there are better, safer ways to go about it? Or could these folks be even more sexually open than I am? I know kids will do what kids will do, but that doesn't mean parents necessarily have to make it easy for them, especially at only fourteen years old.

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