Teens know to limit personal info online

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As someone who's part of the last generation that wasn't connected throughout my childhood via blogs and social networking sites, I've often wondered how today's kids will navigate their lives as adults with so much personal information accessible to anyone with Internet access. Will this private information they've made available come back to haunt them later in life?

However, a recent study suggests that we shouldn't worry. Most teens seem to be fully aware of these consequences, and are subsequently guarding their privacy. While it's common for kids to post a real first name along with a photo, the majority refrain from including their full names, and many don't allow access to online profiles without a password.

In fact, only 45% of teens who spend time online don't have a profile at all, and of those who do, only half are actively seeking to meet new people.

I know it's a hot button issue -- especially amidst stories of kids getting lured by predators they've met online. Fortunately, it appears kids who've grown up with access to this kind of technology also have an understanding of how to use it without getting hurt.

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