What our kids worry about

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When I was a kid, I worried about a crazed dictator blowing up the world with a nuclear bomb. I didn't have any clear idea of why this might happen, but words like "iron curtain" and "atomic bomb" and "nuclear warfare" circled in my immature brain and I remember worrying that my family and friends were at the constant mercy of an evil, omnipotent and irrational person. I often wonder what Nolan will worry about as he grows, and I hope he's not a complete stressbag like his Mama.

This article provides a little insight into the worrying minds of our kids. A study of 1000 middle-school children in America found that kids worry more about global warming than terrorism, disease, or fatal car crashes. They worry about the impact of global warming and environmental disaster on their personal lives. In light of the recent coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Thailand, it's not shocking. But I am surprised that it rates higher than terrorism.

Although it hurts to think of children worrying about such big, adult-driven issues, it is encouraging to know that this is one issue we can do something about.


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