Amazing child prodigies

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I'm always impressed by anyone who can play piano, as I spent a few years taking lessons as a child, and only have one blues scale to show for it. What's even more spectacular, are the child prodigies -- some younger than 10-years-old, and already playing incredibly complicated classical pieces by the likes of Chopin and Rachmaninov.

For those of you equally amazed by children playing piano, MetaFilter has kindly put together a list of links to YouTube videos, all of which I highly reccomend.

This got me thinking about lessons for Edan. She's shown a passing interest in her toy piano and electic guitar (although who knows what that means at this age), and I have no expectation that she'll be a internationlly-renowned concert pianist by the time she's in junior high. However, all the piano players I know say their parents pretty much forced them to stick with the intstrument when they were kids, and they're grateful for it today. On the other hand, my parents let me quit, and I'm glad they did -- I never practiced, and was sick of getting made fun of by all the other guys.

Anyone care to offer some advice?

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