Students purified with cow urine

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I don't know how it is for other parents of young children, but I found I spent more time talking about "poopy" and "pee" in the last year I even thought was possible. However, I never expected to be talking about quite like this.

In India, where an ancient Hindu caste system still keeps millions of people trapped on the bottom rungs of society, a few teachers thought they'd make their low-caste students more socially-mobile by "purifying" them with cow urine during an exam.

The students, as you might suspect, were humiliated.

Because this kind of caste discrimination is illegal, both the headteacher that ordered the ritual and the teacher that performed it were arrested after parents complained. However, these sorts of problems are common -- especially in rural areas. In fact, members of the lowest caste are routinely beaten, even killed for using services reserved for upper castes.

No word on how the teachers' karma was affected by the pee-sprinkling incident.


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