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As one of our readers noted, giving a pre-schooler a camera may not always result in the most appropriate -- or flattering -- pictures. (Heck, the same is probably true of teenagers, come to think of it.) On Sunday, I was getting dressed and hollering encouraging Jared to get dressed as well; it was getting close to when we needed to leave for swim class.

He was goofing around with his new camera, an understandable distraction, but we really needed to get going. I turned around to call out to him again, and saw him standing in the doorway of our bedroom, buck naked, holding the camera in right in front of his nether regions. My frantic "No!" came just as the flash went off. I mean, I know the kid is proud of what he's got, but I also don't want to end up in prison.

Naturally, Jared and I had a little chat after that.

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