Enough with the "how she'll lose the baby weight" articles

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I admit I love my daily dose of crappy pop culture. Yes, I'd usually rather read about Jessica Alba's rocky love life than the latest atrocities in Iraq, because, well, sometimes my brain is full. Fluff hurts a lot less than barb.

As I was flipping through my People feed today, I saw an article heading I have seen approximately 273 bazillion times before: How (Insert Actress Name) Will Lose the Baby Weight. In this particular article, Tori Spelling was waxing about how she'd lose the 40 pounds she gained in pregnancy and I was busy wondering.
a) Why she is acting like 40 pounds is giant -- I gained 60 and happen to think that's a lot more normal than the 25 often cited by Doctors
b) Why am I still reading this damned article?

These post-partum weight loss stories are often popular enough that the media keeps printing them, and as a pop culture junkie, I'm probably hypocritical to be complaining. But I so wish that the repeat articles could have headlines like "The first thought I had when I looked into my baby's eyes" or "Why my husband was my saviour during labour" -- or, whatever. Anything but the moaning about 30 or 40 pounds of weight. Perhaps I am getting old and bitter, and maybe the fluff is a little more painful than I thought.

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