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We are starting a new feature at ParentDish, where every day we will feature a different blogger who writes about the experience of parenting. I remember when I started writing a blog in the summer of 2005, and the first time I saw any real visitors coming to my blog was when this website linked to a post I'd written about getting fired by our doula. It was also my first experience being flamed in the comments! I know not everyone maintains a blog for general consumption, but I also know there are plenty of folks out there who would like to get drawn deeper into the wonderful community of parent bloggers out there and maybe see an increase in their traffic. I know how much of a boost traffic from this site can be. Since becoming a stay-at-home dad, I have had much less time to poke around the web looking for new blogs to read, so I am hoping this will give me an opportunity to expose myself, and ParentDish readers, to some wonderful new blogs.

If you (or someone you admire) maintains a blog about the experience of being a parent and would like to be featured as the parent blogger of the day, please send an e-mail to, and make sure that your e-mail contains the following information:

(1) Your blog's official name and a link to its URL address.

(2) Your name and the names (or nicknames) and ages of the children you write about on your blog.

(3) A brief description of what might make your blog interesting to new readers (Don't be afraid to sell yourself! Are you proud of your photography? Do you live in an interesting part of the world? Are you a creative writer or a journalist? Is there something about your child, your relationship, yourself that is relatively unique and adds diversity to the "parenting blogosphere"?) Just tell us what you write about or what makes you interesting.

(4) Provide links to what you consider your three best blog posts.

Every day I will review the submissions and select a parenting blog to feature the next day at noon here on ParentDish. Depending on the level of response, for the first days I may feature blogs I'm already aware of that I think deserve more attention. The more interesting you make your blog seem, the more likely I am to feature it. Don't be discouraged if I don't feature your blog right away---if there is a lot of initial response, I may mine those submissions for several weeks, and you should always feel free to resubmit your blog at a later date.

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