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Spring is just beginning to melt through the remnants of old man winter here in the Rocky Mountains. This afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting outside in the sun with my youngest son Devon while we blew bubbles. Bubbles form big blowers, bubbles from an alligator shaped pipe, bubbles from tiny, monkey shaped wands. By the time we were done I was a bit winded, since I did most of the blowing while Devon laughed and tried to catch them. Then it donned on me that either I am horribly out of shape or perhaps this bubble blowing was burning some serious calories. I started wondering if such a simple activity could slim my thighs for summer, what other kid oriented activities could make me bikini ready by June. Following are a few activities I could think of off the top of my head that involve children and are a bit more productive than staring at the boob tube:

  • Swimming laps can burn up to 300 calories per hour. While most of us can't let our wee ones languish on the pool steps while we do laps, a good active hour of diving for quarters, a round of Marco Polo and cannon ball jumps from the pool edge must be worth something.
  • Riding bikes are a great way for every family member to get involved in a cardio activity. Toddlers can ride in either a bike seat or an attached buggy. Bigger kids can ride on an attached bike or on their own. As long as everybody sports a helmet, this is always a winner.
  • Dog walking is another great activity for all ages. Dog parks offer socialization for both four and two legged family members. Walks are a wonderful way to leave the car in the garage and introduce children to the outdoors.
My list is somewhat limited. I realize that with the bubble blowing and walking the dog that our trips to the swimming pool might relegate me to a one piece suit for the summer, but I would be interested to find out what other families do to include all members in active, cardio friendly fun. Please share.


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