ParentDish Size 6: Toddler compatible chores

Those of you who have ever had a toddler "helping" you mop the floor will likely know that the results can be disastrous. I save my mop-duty for the evenings after Nolan is in bed, otherwise there are wipe outs and attempts to sample the cleaner and an unfortunate dog who doesn't wish to be mopped. There are all kinds of chores that cannot be done with a toddler in tow: dog-poop yard cleaning, loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, returning emails, and more.

But necessity dictates that I sometimes need to get work done when Nolan is around, and the following are the top 6 household chores that I can actually conduct without impending disaster.

1) Raking the yard -- I use the good rake, Nolan uses the disgruntled mini-rake I got at a yard sale for $ 1.00 two years ago. I didn't know why I bought it, now I do.
2) Loading the washing machine -- It takes much longer, but with Nolan on one hip, I can hand him clothing items to throw in the laundry before I throw in the detergent and shut the lid. A bonus: this also entails a fabulous glute-enhancing squat exercise as I retrieve each piece of clothing from the pile.
3) Folding laundry -- This used to be disastrous, but now I fold and give each folded item to him, asking him to put it on the bed for me. He is happy to have a duty and therefore doesn't mess with my piles.
4) Making the bed -- Again, this used to be a major pain in the rear, until I discovered his "niche" in the process. I hand him a pillow while I tuck in the sheets and fluff the comforter, telling him when I am ready for his crowning glory. He is so happy to hand me the pillow he doesn't realize he's missed out on hiding under the covers.
5) Sweeping the porch -- This is similar to the raking, except I don't have a mini broom. But even if Nolan messes with the dust piles, I can quickly intervene and just sweep them off into the front yard. And we're outside, bonus!
6) Cleaning the windows and glass -- I give Nolan his own little bottle filled with water and let him spritz along with me. No harm, no foul.

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