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I have been reading Kate's blog Sweet | Salty for over a year, and I believe it is consistently one of the best written blogs on the entire internet, and I would say that in Heather Armstrong's living room, if she'll ever have me back. Kate lives in the beautiful Maritimes of Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, (a manly man so good looking grand pianos crashed together when he walked with her down the street through Vancouver's gay district), their 2-year-old son Evan, and the two masculine fetuses gestating in her womb. Kate is currently pregnant with twin boys. For the last several months she has been writing about the emotional experience of coming to terms with that fact with such remarkable eloquence. I loved this post about her husband's swelling pride when they realized both babies would be boys, and I was blown away by this post about the anxiety of dealing with acquaintances who want to talk to her about the twins. As my wife and enter the territory of considering a second child, I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like to learn you're getting your third with your second, but Kate has such a powerful way of expressing the truth of that reality I can almost begin to imagine what it's like. And yet, just reading her thoughts about the way parenthood changes a life on her about page, it should be clear that Kate and her brood of men will be just fine. I have been touched by so many of the posts Kate has written about her experience parenting 2-year-old Evan. You should really just do yourself a favor and read her entire archives. This is the kind of blog that elevates the medium to true literature; this is sacred writing.

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