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It seems that saggy, baggy pants are a serious problem down in Floriday. Kristin Darguzas reported on a preacher collecting belts to help gravity challenged teens, and now I've come across a state senator trying to address the same problem. Gary Siplin has, apparently, for several years, proposed making it illegal for students to expose their underwear. He recently submitted and withdrew an amendment that would have put such a law on the books.

Now, personally, I don't think much of this style of sagging pants, but really, it's none of my business. There are, of course, countries that do legislate fashion -- the burka comes to mind as one well-known example. Still, that's not what I find most interesting about all this.

According to one report, Senator Siplin, while in the process of withdrawing his legislation, decided to lecture a group of students who happened to be in the audience. He bemoaned the lack of professional prospects of "ladies with g-strings showing and guys walking down the halls trying to pull up their pants with one hand and carrying their bookbags in another hand." He noted that the fashion started in prisons and that "when a prisoner wears his pants below the waist he's indicating that he's available for the night."

The students, however, there to protest the committee chairman's refusal to hear a bill on cyber-bullying, did not appreciate the senator's attempts and saving them from a fashion faux-pas. "I think what we're here for is more important," said one sixth grader. I understand that Senator Siplin thinks he's looking out for Florida's youth, but maybe he could do it by addressing real issues like cyber-bullying, rather than worrying about the latest style designed to annoy parents.


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