Teacher forces student to urinate in class

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I have a special place in my heart for kids whose teachers won't let them leave class to go to the bathroom. In the 1st grade, I, too, suffered their fate, and peed all over my miniature chair. It was embarrassing. The teacher felt bad. And she should have. It was a crappy thing to do.

But I can't imagine if that'd happened when I was older -- say, in 8th grade. That's how old Michael Patterson was when his science teacher refused to let him leave to go to the restroom. The 14-year-old was already late for class, but had been drinking a sports drink all morning long, and -- regardless of his tardiness -- still needed to go. Instead of giving him permission, the teacher told the class to turn their heads while telling Patterson if he needed to go, he could urinate in his Gatorade bottle "in the corner by the sink."

And then, in a moment of extreme generosity, Captain Power Trip allowed the embarrassed teen to leave class so he could wash his hands and throw away the bottle of urine.

School officials are looking into it, Patterson wants an apology, and his mom wants the teacher fired.

I'm sure it's tough to keep order in a classroom full of bored teenagers, but seriously, how do you justify such moronic behavior from someone who's supposed to be a professional educator?

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