Tips to prevent acid reflux in pregnancy

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Quick, what's the first thing you think of when you hear the words "acid reflux"? Is it Ashlee Simpson and her major gaffe on live TV? Or is it the time during your pregnancy when you were convinced you were dying because your esophagus was bursting forcibly through your heart to attack your chest cavity in a burning, one-sided war?

I'd never experienced heartburn before my eight month of pregnancy, and the feeling completely floored me. It felt like I was dying, but in an alarming "is this temporary, good god I hope so" kind of way. It seemed to come sometimes without provocation, I'd eat an apple or have a glass of water and then I'd feel the telltale burning in the pit of my stomach. I could do nothing but wait for it to creep its way up and have its way with me.

This page has some great tips on preventing acid reflux in pregnancy -- I wish I'd known about some of them. A few of them are annoyingly obvious, like no cigarettes or alcohol (obvs) but a few (avoid tomato-based products, don't sleep for three hours after you've had a meal) are really helpful.

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