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(Sunday April 29, 2007) Shhh... Don't tell the other ParentDish writers this... but I watch television. I don't know for sure that none of them do, but I am pretty sure that they don't. Or, if they do, they probably don't watch it in the same quantities that I do. And they probably don't wax lyrical about their Tivos, like I do. I even write reviews over at our sister blog, TV Squad. But I have been thinking about it, and it can't be just me over here watching TV, can it? Surely, some of you parents watch TV too, right? And like to talk about what happened on Lost last week. And why you stopped watching 24 this season, and why Grey's Anatomy started sucking so much this season that you just had to start watching CSI instead! Or, maybe that's just me.

I know it's hard to watch TV when you have kids. When they are infants, you can watch TV whenever you want, because they don't understand what's going on. Toddlers are harder. They are starting to get interested-- but then they hog the TV! Then, there are the shows that aren't exactly family-friendly in nature, so you can't watch them as a family. And in my house, some of the shows I want to watch are on during our bedtime routine. Without VCR's and then the used Tivo we got from a friend, I wouldn't really have been able to watch anything.

But fortunately, a lot of shows are also available online. Did you know that? That if you go to you can watch a lot of shows, anytime you want??? Fox shows episodes of 24 on You can download a lot of shows on iTunes. And you can even watch the excellent BBC series Robin Hood online.

Come on. Admit it. I went first, so it's okay. You know you want to just get it off your chest. Tell me what you watch. Tell me how you do it: VCR? Young babies who don't care? DVR? Tivo? Online? What have you stopped watching? What do you refuse to watch? What is your guilty pleasure?

I am going to start a weekly wrapup here of the shows I have watched-- and you can come and tell me what you watched, and whether or not you agree with what I just said. The watercooler starts here. Television isn't just for 18-24-year-olds without kids anymore.HouseHere is a lineup of my weekly television watching, but if there is something that I need to be watching, please tell me. I'll add it to the Tivo. (Except Heroes-- already missed that boat, but plan to catch it this summer on DVD). Also, there are lots of great shows we can all get on DVD or through NetFlix now. And why limit this feature to television? What are you watching at the theatre or on DVD? What movies do you like?

But I digress:

Sundays: I watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I cover them both for TV Squad, so tomorrow, I'll link to my reviews. I personally don't watch The Simpsons (missing the chromosome that makes people like The Simpsons, apparently), but we Tivo it. And my kids and husband love it. Do you let your kids watch it? And my husband is a big fan of Adult Swim on Cartoon network.

Before the season ended, we also watched Battlestar Galactica. Love Battlestar Galactica. Will talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere about BSG.

Mondays: I used to watch 24, and have missed the Heroes bus. Oh dear. I usually catch up on something else now on Monday nights. The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert are daily favorites too.

Tuesdays: House! Love House! But that is all I have time for on Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights are karaoke night here. My thirteen-year-old and I both love House and watch it together. My son wants to be an epidemiologist, so he loves the medicine part, but he also loves Dr. House.

Wednesdays: Lost! Love Lost! We don't let the kids watch this, and we didn't let them watch 24 either. So, we had/have to Tivo these and watch them when the kids have gone to bed. American who, what?

Thursdays: I'm sorry. I used to love Grey's Anatomy. But this season, I just started to hate Meredith. Hate. Her. So, I follow it in the news, but I can't watch it. Ugh. But I will be happy to gossip about it with you. I still know what is going on. But now I watch: My Name is Earl, The Office, and CSI. I have just jumped the ER ship after many years of faithful watching. But can't stand it anymore. Tell me why I should watch Ugly Betty and 30 Rock!

: Are there shows on on Fridays? Oh yes, Dr. Who and Stargate. I don't watch either, but I am friends with people who do, and I dig the new Dr. Who.

Saturdays: Don't watch TV on Saturday nights. In fact, on Saturdays, we'll probably speak in hushed and reverent tones about the movies we are planning to watch.

Your turn. And tell me if I am going to have to start watching American Idol and Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. Just kidding! I refuse! But you can certainly tell me what you thought about them each week and discuss it in the comments!

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